• Description

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber(UHMWPE) is a kind of high performance fiber, which is one of the three high technology fibers in the word(Carbon fiber,Kevlar, UHMWPE). High Strength High Molecular Polyethylene(HSHMPE) fire has the highest intensity among the fibers in the world and due to its super-high molecular weight, excellent Polymer backbone combination,high degree of crystallization,low density, excellent UV resistance and anti-chemical corrosion properties.

  • Application

Mooring line, Tug line, Super-sized commercial vessel
Wire rope replacement

  • Properties
  1. Light weight, floating on the water, 87.5% lighter than the same diameter of steel wire rope.
  2. Highest strength in the world, 1.5 times higher than the same diameter of steel wire rope in intensity.
  3. Excellent endurance, good resistance to seawater, chemicals, UV and differential temperature.
  4. Easy, quick & safe operation.
  5. Different colors of UHMWPE ropes are available
  6. Approved by LR,ABS,GL,NK,CCS etc
  • Specification

a.8 strand UHMWPE Rope(dia.:28mm—144mm)
8 strand UHMWPE rope

b.12 strand UHMWPE Rope(dia.:6mm—110mm)
12 strand UHMWPE rope

c.12 strand UHMWPE Rope core with high performance Polyester braided cover(dia.:28—104mm)
12 strand UHMWPE core with high performance polyester braided cover

d.UHMWPE Electric Traction Rope(dia.:3mm—28mm)
UHMWPE electric traction rope

e.UHMWPE Rope with different colors(dia.:3mm—144mm)

f.UHMWPE Mooring Rope of small diameters(dia.:3mm–28mm)
UHMWPE rope with small diameter


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