High Quality and Timely Ship Supply

We can offer a wide of range of ship supply, provisions and services to the International vessels calling at major Chinese ports especially around Shanghai area. Deeply knowing time is very crucial for sending the goods to the vessels, we’ll keep high efficiency to satisfy our customers.


IMPA Marine Stores Guide

15 Cloth & Linen Products
17 Tableware & Galley Utensils
19 Clothing
21 Rope & Hawsers
23 Rigging Equipment & General Deck Items
25 Marine Paint
27 Painting Equipment
31 Safety Protective Gear
33 Safety Equipment
35 Hose & Couplings
37 Nautical Equipment
45 Petroleum Products
47 Stationery
49 Hardware
51 Brushes & Mats
53 Lavatory Equipment
55 Cleaning Material & Chemicals
59 Pneumatics & Electrical Tools
61 Hand Tools
63 Cutting Tools
65 Measuring Tools
67 Metal Sheets, Bars
69 Screws & Nuts
71 Pipes & Tubes
73 Pipe & Tube Fittings
75 Valves & Cocks
77 Bearings
79 Electrical Equipment
81 Packing & Jointing
85 Welding Equipment
87 Machinery Equipment

Ports Served









* If you have any inquiry, please feel free to inquire us by just telling us the IMPA Code and your shipping agent in China for us to check the ETA & ETD of your good vessel.


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ship supply-duct tape

ship supply-electric jig saws

ship supply-cutter wheel

ship supply-electric angle grinders

ship supply-measuring tape

ship supply-Manila rope

ship supply-billy steel blocks

ship supply-bolt & nut

ship supply-paintroller

ship supply-rope block

ship supply-chain hoist

ship supply-electric rod cutters

ship supply-electric circularsaws

ship supply-double open end wrench set

ship supply-portable electric drills

ship supply-pneumatic angle grinder

ship supply-hydraulic wire rope cutter

ship supply-pneumatic winch

ship supply-flexible shaft for scaling machine

ship supply-padlock heavy duty

ship supply-working gloves

ship supply-stop ring pliers internal

ship supply-safety helmet

ship supply-thimble

ship supply-wheel head