Marine Steel Wire Ropes


With 50 year’s experiences in production, marketing and management, our factory has developed and owned a system of mature crafts, and is well equipped with the advanced technology and a complete set of measuring & testing means, with the continuous adoption of new equipment, new production process and new technology, and the development of new products.

The products find wide applications in different industries such as port, marine, ocean project, metallurgy mining, petroleum, telecommunication, lift & hoist, machinery, transportation, coal, forestry, ocean fishery, electric power etc.

Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Steel Wire Rope:

1) Selection of Wire Rope

  • Refer to GB8918-2006 “Steel wire ropes for important purposes” and GB/T20018-2006 “Steel wire ropes for general purposes” on how to select from different constructions of wire rope. Please also refer to this section of our product catalogue in selecting wire rope. We suggest choosing equal lay steel wire rope and compacted wire rope for general usage. The technical parameters such as lifting load, safety coefficient, and the lifting capacity of the lifting equipment should be taken into consideration when selecting the strength class of wire rope. Do not blindly choose high strength and high breaking force wire rope, which may compromise results.

2) Installation of Wire Rope 

A) Unwinding: Put a piece of iron tube through the reel or coil of wire rope, then install the reel onto a dedicated carrier. Keep the wire rope parallel to the ground and turn to unwind.

B) The arrangement of wire rope on the reel: The winding direction of wire rope on the reel should depend on the lay direction of wire rope from left to right for right-lay wire rope, from right to left for left-lay wire rope. Wind the wire rope neatly onto the reel without the wire rope overlapping each other.

C) Cutting: For wire rope with relatively high residual stress, use a soft iron wire to tie the rope 10-20 mm from the cutting point. The length of the soft iron wire should be 1-4 times that of rope diameter, then cut with cutting tool.

 3) Maintenance and Inspection of Steel Wire Rope

A) Operation: In operation, the wire rope should be in steady speed, never overload and never shock load a wire rope.

B) Maintenance: Lubricant is applied to the wires and strands of a wire rope when manufactured. This lubricant is depleted when the rope is in service. And various nocuous matters will be stick to the surface of the rope. These will cause abrasion between wire rope and the block and rusting of the rope. It is important to clean and replace lubricant to the wire rope periodically.

C) Record of Inspection: Wire rope should be inspected regularly and all the records should be kept carefully. Other than cleaning and adding lubricant, the inspection should include checking the following: abrasion of wire rope, condition of broken wires, and corrosion. Also check the condition of metal parts such as pulley groove, loading ring, hook, etc. Pay special attention and check for external and internal broken wires in the fixed end of wire rope, and the section of wire rope that passes through pulley blocks and drums.

4. Contact Between Wire Rope and Pulley Groove 

The appropriate contact between pulley groove and wire rope is indicted in (figure 1). If the pulley groove is too wide (figure 2), the wire rope and its metal core are subject to more broken wires owing to fatigue. If the pulley groove is too narrow (figure 3), the wire rope will be worn seriously. The ratio between the radius of pulley groove and that of the wire rope should be: R/d =0.525 ~ 0.550.

 5) Wire Rope Application Recommendation:

Usage Rope type Structure Comments
Dock, Irrigation Projects, Tower crane Equal laid wire rope 6 x 19S +IWR
6 x 19W +IWR
6 x 25Fi +IWR
6 x 36WS +IWR
6 x 41WS +IWR
Multi-layer strand wire rope 18 x 19S
18 x 19W
34 x 7
36 x 7
35W x 7
24W x 7
4 Strand fan-shaped wire rope 4V x 39S
4V x 48S
Frequent hoisting and for other important purposes Equal laid wire rope 6 x 19S, 6 x 19W
6 x 25Fi, 6 x 29Fi
6 x 26WS, 6 x 31WS
6 x 36WS, 6 x 37S
6 x 41WS, 6 x 49SWS
6 x 55SWS, 8 x 19S
8 x 19W, 8 x 25Fi
8 x 26WS, 8 x 31WS
8 x 36WS, 8 x 41WS
8 x 49SWS, 8 x 55SWS
4 Strand fan-shaped wire rope 4V x 39S
4V x 48S
Ship loading and unloading Equal laid wire rope 6 x 19W, 6 x 25Fi
6 x 29Fi, 6 x 31WS
6 x 36WS, 6 x 37S
Multi-layer strand wire rope 18 x 19S, 18 x 19W
34 x 7, 36 x 7
35W x 7, 24W x 7
4 Strand fan-shaped wire rope 4V x 39S
4V x 48S
Towboat, Cargo net Steel wire rope 6 x 31WS
6 x 36WS
6 x 37S
Fixing mast and hanging bridge on shops Steel wire rope 6 x 7+1WS
6 x 19S+IWR
Salvage operations Steel wire rope 6 x 37S, 6 x 36WS
6 x 41WS, 6 x 49SWS
6 x 31WS, 6 x 55SWS
8 x 19S. 8 x 19W
8 x 31WS, 8 x 36WS
8 x 41WS, 8 x 49SWS
8 x 55SWS

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