Marine Ventilation Equipment


  • The design and manufacture of marine or navy fans are in conformity with the specification of the following ship Classification Societies:  CCS, NK, LR, KR, ABS, DNV, BV, RINA etc.

Supply Scope: 

Our company supply good quality marine ventilation equipments including:

  • Marine Fan
  • Marine Explosion-proof Fan
  • Marine Axial Fan
  • Marine Centrifugal Fan
  • Marine High Efficiency Low Noise Centrifugal Fan
  • Marine Explosion-proof Axial Fan
  • Marine Explosion-proof Centrifugal Fan
  • Marine Small-sized Axial Fan
  • Marine Small-sized Axial Centrifugal Fan
  • Marine Explosion-proof Axial Fans with Water Driven
  • Marine Explosion-proof Centrifugal Fans with Water Driven etc.

Fan Applicable Conditions:

Fans can convey air, sea air containing sale vapor and corrosive air containing oil vapor. Fans can meet relative navy or marine standard and regulations and it can work regularly at the following terms:

  • Ambient temperature: –25℃ ~ +55℃
  • Max. Relative Humidity: 95%
  • Horizontal Rolling: ±45° (cycle 8~12S)
  • Vertical Rolling: ±15° (cycle 5~7S)
  • Horizontal Tilting: ±15°
  • Vertical Titling: ±10°
  • Vibration: Existing
  • Shock: Existing

Explosion-proof Fan

  • Explosion-proof mark of explosion-proof fan is Exd II BT4, Exd II CT4.
  • Dangerous explosive mixtures are graded according to their ability of spreading explosion; they are grouped according to their ignition temperature.


  • The fan is horizontal type, motor is direct coupling. If necessary, it can also be constructed into a vertical type.
  • The fan can be made for clockwise (right) or counter clockwise (left) rotation.
  • Right rotation – viewed from the motor side, the impeller rotates clockwise and indicated as ‘R’.
  • Left rotation – viewed from the motor side, the impeller rotates counter clockwise and indicated as ‘L’.

Installation of Explosion-proof centrifugal fan:

  • The Explosion-proof centrifugal fan can be made into two structural types: Type I and Type II.
  • Type I is in horizontal pattern with direct coupling for the motor, however, it can also be constructed into a vertical pattern.
  • Type II is in separate cabin pattern, made up of fan, driving device, coupling and motor.

Installation of type of axial fan:

  • Viewed from the motor side, the impeller rotates clockwise.
  • In general, fan is vertical structure, and if necessary it can also be made in horizontal structure with frame.

Explosion-proof axial fan:

  • The explosion-proof axial fan can be made into two structure types: Type I (deck type) and type II (tube type)
  • Type I has a hood and an explosion-proof motor installed on the top of the frame and the fan is vertically fixed on the deck.
  • Type II has no hood. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, and can also be installed on the deck.

Protection class of fan:

The main function is to prevent man from damage of electricity or rolling and to prevent solid object, water, oil from entering. It conforms to GB4942 amd OEC34-5 regulations.

Insulation class and limit of temperature rise:

It is necessary to separate with insulation material between electric parts and casing. Life of insulation material with insulation degree of its material and temperature have very closed relations. The motor is an element to conversion the energy and signal. The motor consume energy itself during its running. Temperature rising is caused by energy consumption. Normally insulation degree and limit of temperature rise in method of resistance check are according with the following table, which is according to GB755 and IEC34-1.

Insulation Grade Temperature Limit Limit of Temperature Rise
E 120℃ 75k
B 130℃ 80k
F 155℃ 105k
H 180℃ 125k

Common measurement units:

  • Air volume: m3/h, m3/ming, m3/s
  • Air pressure: mmH2o,mmAq
  • Power: KW. W
  • Remark: 1mm H2o =9.807 Pa


Under standard flow volume, full pressure value of fan, the tolereance is –5% ~ +15%

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