RD Type Pressure Release Damper

1. Features:

The pressure release damper are used for supplying and discharging air in VAV air conditioning system. Damper is automatically open when pressure difference between inside duct and outside air attain a set valve, and damper will be shut off when the pressure difference is less than the set value. Shutting off the damper could effectively prevent leakage. Each pressure release damper is supplied with one set of electrical control box. User could locally control opening of damper and output the signal.

2. Outline drawing:

RD type pressure release damper

3. Type & Parameter:

Type a x b L Flange size
RD-axb 100×100~1200×1200 >250 According to GB1561-79
  • Note: Flange size of all fire dampers could  be fabricated according to user’s requirements.
  • Our RD damper can be cranked out circular single blade or multi-blades, and the control type can be electrical or pneumatic.


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