GD Type Marine Gas Tight Fire Damper

1. Features:

  • The GD Type marine gastight fire dampers are used in HVAC dusts that need gas tight. There are two control modes: electrical control and pneumatic control. The damper will open normally, if the power or compressed air is interrupt, the damper will close in two seconds. The Maximum leakage will be 5m3/m2.min with a differential pressure of 2000Pa after the damper is closed. The neoprene is made in corrosion resistant material with heat resistance to 80°C.

2. Outline drawing:

GD type gastight fire damper

3. Type & Parameter:

Type a x b L Flange size
VD-axb 100×100~800×800 >250 According to GB1561-79


  • Flange size of all fire dampers could be fabricated according to user’s requirements.
  • Out GD damper can be cranked out circular single blade or multi-blades, and the control type can bee selected electrical or pneumatic.


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