TBC Type Two-Tier Ventilation Shutter

1. Features:

  • The TBC Type Two-Tier Ventilation Shutter is specially designed for sea environment, and mostly used in emergency generator room etc for both ventilation and fire-proof purposes. 

2. Brief introduction:

  • The shutter consists of inside part and outside part. The inside shutter is controlled by pneumatic air of 0.5~0.8Mpa and the outside shutter is controlled by electric;
  • The inside shutter is normally opened. In emergency case, the 0.5~0.8Mpa compressed air inducted and the pneumatic actuator could shut off the shutter within 10 seconds.
  • The outside shutter is electrical controlled. The shutter is open before the emergency generator running and is closed automatically after the emergency generator stopping;
  • Manual open/close operations are available for both internal and external shutters, and each shutter can be operated independently;
  • Power source is DC24V/AC220V, Protection class is IP54;
  • Signal is display and output after the shutter opening and closing;
  • Detail control mode is according to user’s requirement;

3. Outline drawing:

TBC type two-tire ventilation shutter

4. Type & Parameter:

Type a x b L Flange size
TBC-axb 500×500~2000×2000 >300 According to GB1561-79


  • All the flange sizes could be fabricated according to user’s requirements.


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