VD Type Marine Volume Damper

1. Features:

  • The VD type marine volume dampers are used for adjusting air volume. There are two control modes: manual control and  electrical control. The manual control mode adopts worm gearing, and electric control mode adopt import electrical actuator. The volume damper could be controlled air volume by adjusting the angle of the actuator.

2. Outline drawing:

VD type marine volume damper

3. Type & Parameter:

Type a x b L Flange size
VD-axb 100×100~1000×1000 >250 According to GB1561-79


  • Flange size of all fire dampers could be fabricated according to user’s requirements.
  • Out VD damper can be cranked out circular single blade or multi-blades, and the control type can bee selected electrical or manual.



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