CBL Series Marine or Navy Explosive-Proof Centrifugal Fan


  • CBZ series marine or navy explosion-proof centrifugal fans are designed and manufactured according to GB11799-2008 Marine Explosion-proof Axial Fans, GB3836.1-2000 Electric Apparatus for Explosive Atmosphere, GB3836.2-2000 Electric Apparatus for Explosive atmospheres, and Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment ‘d’ , Rules for Steel Sea Ship in Class and Building. 
  • This series fans have been examined and proved up to standard by the Explosion-proof Inspection Authority of PRC and have got the certificate of inspection. They have also been examined by CCS.

CBL series marine or navy explosion-proof centrifugal fan


Explosion-proof, safe and reliable in operation, good anti-corrosive, strongly capable of resisting swing, vibration and shocking.


  • There are two structural types: Type I (direct-coupling type) and Type II (separate cabins type). The construction is non-sparking.
  • The structure of type I is a motor direct coupling one. The impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft, and the casing is fixed on the flange of the explosion-proof motor.
  • The type II is a separate structure, the fan and the motor are put into different cabins, with a driving device, flexible couplings, and the driving device consists of bearings, bearing-box, shaft, brass rights, stuffing box. It can be oiled and measured the temperature. One side is fixed on the fan, and the other side will be mounted on the bulkhead.
  • The fan may be made into a horizontal or vertical, single-stage, single-drawing and airtight structure by the customer’s requirements.

Flow Rate: 500 ~21000 m3/h


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