High quality marine anchor for sale

We can supply high quality series of ship anchors as following:

  1. Japan stockless anchor(100kg~20000kg)
  2. Type A hall anchor(50kg~20000kg)
  3. Type B hall anchor(50kg~20000kg)
  4. Type C hall anchor(50kg~20000kg)
  5. U.S.N stockless anchor(100kg~30000kg)
  6. Spek anchor(100kg~18800kg)
  7. Type M speck anchor(80kg~20000kg)
  8. Light weight anchor(50kg~15000kg)
  9. Admiralty anchor(50kg~5000kg)
  10. High holding matrosov anchor(25kg~1500kg)
  11. AC-14 HHP stockless anchor(56kg~20000kg)
  12. PAC-14 balanced anchor(180kg~20625kg)
  13. Danforth high holding power anchor(20kg~20625kg)
  14. Pool anchor(12kg~20625kg)
  15. Delta flipper anchor(300kg~25000kg)
  16. Steveprise HHP anchor(700kg~25000kg)
  17. Steveshark HHP anchor(700kg~25000kg)
  18. Baldt stockless anchor(50kg~35000kg)
  19. Japan stock anchor(150kg~4500kg)
  20. Tail-fin anchor(50kg~15400kg)

Various kinds of Classification Society Certificates can be supplied such as LR,GL,ABS,DNV,NK,RINA,BV,KR.etc.

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