Quick Release Mooring Hook


  • The quick release mooring chock is usually used on the dock in-stead of original bollard in order to make the cable release quickly and safely in some emergency case. While operating, the operator just needs to open the lock device with a pole, the hook can be released immediately. The quick release hook mainly consists of two parts: the capstan system and the hook.


  • S.W.L: 2~45T
  • Low profile and compact design.
  • Manual release force less than 150N.
  • Hooks return automatically to working position when released under load
  • Hooks are freely suspend under no load condition
  • Hooks can move independently in the horizontal and vertical plane.
  • Each hook is provided with an integrated locking device to prevent accidental release.
  • Each hook is load tested before delivery
  • Only regular greasing is required
  • Easy disassembly by removing the horizontal bolt Synthetic hook bumper to prevent sparking
  • ABS,DNV,NK,LR,CCS etc Certificates



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