JISF 2023-1976 Casting Bar Type Chain Stopper

  • Feature

Marine JISF 2023-1976 Cast lever chain stopper is a device between anchor windlass and hawse pipe. It can fix the anchor chain preventing it from rolling out. When the vessel mooring, chain stopper will transport the pull strength of anchor and chain to vessel, thus can reduce the working load to protect the anchor windlass. When sailing it stand the anchor weight and inertial force.

Process:casting, forging, welding
Materials: cast steel, cast iron and others according to customers’ specification
Paint: grey Epoxy Primer, for the middle paint and surface according to your requirement.
Customized service is available

Also we can supply other type chain stopper as follows:
JIS F2002-1976 Cast Iron Bar Type Chain Stopper
JIS F2015-1987 Cast Steel Bar Type Chain Stopper
JIS F2023-1976 Cast Steel Bar Type Chain Stopper
JIS F2031 Pawl Type Chain Stopper
JIS F2032 Roller Pawl Type Chain Stopper
JIS F2033 Roller Bar Type Chain Stopper type B
OCIMF Type single point mooring Chain Stopper
CB286-84 cast steel lever chain stopper
GB/T 3844-2000 Marine roller lever chain stopper
GB/T 178-96 spiral type chain stopper/ screw type chain stopper

cast lever chain stopper                  cast lever chain stopper

  • Specification
Nominal No. Anchor chain dia
19 17~19 190 270 200 134 17
22 20~22 216 310 226 153 24
25 23~25 241 345 256 175 33
28 26~28 270 385 280 193 44
32 29~32 305 435 320 220 68
36 34~36 342 490 154 246 92


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