Polypropylene rope

  • Application

Widely used in shipbuilding, ocean transportation, ship towing, sea aid, heavy-duty hoisting, national defense warship and vessel etc.

  • Future

Structure:3 strand,6 strand,8 strand,12strand,24 strand.
Dia: 4mm–160mm
Advantages: High strength, light weight, easy operation, soft and wearing resisting.

  • Packing

220m per coil or reel, packed in PP woven bags or decided by customers.

  • Specification

a. 3 strand Polyproplene rope(Dia.:4mm–52mm)
3 strand polyproplene rope

b. 8 strand Polyproplene rope(Dia.:28mm–160mm)
8 strand polyproplene rope

c. 12 strand Polyproplene rope(Dia.:28mm–160mm)
12 strand polyproplene rope


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