Kevlar rope

  • Description

Kevlar fiber, also know as Aramid fiber, which is a kind of new high technology compound fiber with the properties of ultrahigh strength, high module weight, high temperature resistance, light weight.

  • Application

Used in High temperature operation, Special vessel, Power engineering, offshore operation etc.

  • Specification

Material: Aramid fiber
Dia.: 6mm~110mm
Structure: 3 strands, 4 strands, 8 strands, 12 strands
Certificate: Certificate: CCS, DNV, BV, LR, ABS etc

  • Future
  1. High strength, 5 times higher than the same diameter of wire rope in strength
  2. Resistance to temperature(-40℃-500℃)
  3. Good insulation and Anti-corrosion
  4. Steady heatproof performance

kevlar rope


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