SOLAS Double Air Chambers Inflatable Lifejacket


Specification Inflation Method Buoyance Co2 Weight Product Weight
Double Air Chamber Automatic + Manual ≥150 N x 2 33 g x 2 ≤ 1.5kg


  • Standard: SOLAS 74/96 the international Maritime Life Safety Convention and it’s 1996 amendmend and International Lifesaving Equipment LSA stipulation and MSC.81(70) lifesaving equipment standards.
  • Application:  Suitable for passengers on board and also suitable for offshore operation.
  • Characteristics: It has two separate air chambers which respectively connect with automatic and manual inflation device. If one air chamber loss buoyancy, the inflation of another air chamber can be achieved by manually pulling the toggle, which double ensures the safety. Two air chambers also can be used at the same time. Upon immersion into water it can be inflated within five seconds.
  • Main technical parameters:
1) Angle in water:face plane angle ≥40°; trunk angle ≥30°;
2) Freeboard ≥120mm;
3) Inflation time ≤5S;
4) Float duration ≥24h;
5) Buoyancy loss after 24h ≤5﹪;
6) Light intensity of position light: 0.75cd, light duration: 8h;
7) Ambient temperature for use: -30℃~+65℃;
8) Validity: 3 years.

solas inflatable lifejacket


  • C/W: CCS Certificate



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