Freefall Lifeboat Launching Appliance/Davit


  • The launching appliances for free fall lifeboat are specialized equipment for launching and recovering free fall lifeboats.
  • The appliance has completely changed the traditional way of launching lifeboats with boat fall from both sides of the ship. Instead, the lifeboats free fall into water from the slide of the appliance deviating from the course of the mother-ship so that the ability of evacuating the ships in distress will increase.
  • The davit can make lifeboat freely launch into water in an emergency or under the circumstances of trim 20° and list 10°.
  • It meets the requirements of International Marine Safety of Life at Sea 1974, Rules of International Lifesaving Appliance (LSA) and IMO, MSC.81(70) and other regulations.

freefall lifeboat davit

free fall lifeboat davit


Model Max.Working load
Max.Hoisting load
Capacity of winch drum
Hoisting speed
Specification of wire rope
FH55 55 42 50 ≥3.0 D20mm-18×19-1770
FH65 65 42 50 ≥3.0 D20mm-18×19-1770
FH90 90 55 50 ≥3.0 D22mm-18×19-1770
FH150 150 100 110 ≥3.0 D30mm-18×19-1770
FH300 300 190 220 ≥3.0 D30mm-18×19-1770


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