EN396 Inflatable lifejacket


EN396 inflatable lifejacket                                             EN396 inflatable lifejacket

Model Specification Inflation Method Buoyance Co2 Weight
0511 Single Air Chamber Automatic ≥150 N 33 g
0521 Single Air Chamber Manual ≥150 N 33 g


  • Standard: European Standard EN396/A1:1998 and relevant requirements of MSC.81(70)
  • Application: Suitable for offshore operation personnel’s lifesaving purpose.
  • Characteristics: It consists of one air chamber which be made of TPU nylon composite material,automatic(or manual) inflation device, CO2 cylinder, oral inflation tube and outer cover etc. In emergent situation when falling into water, it can be inflated by the automatic inflation device within five seconds or by manually pulling the toggle so as to ensure safety of the drowning people. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight,comfortable to wear,easy to use.
  • Main technical parameters:
1) Weight:≤1kg ;
2) Angle in water:face plane angle≥40°;trunk angle≥30°;
3) Freeboard≥120mm;
4) Inflation time≤5S;
5) Float duration≥24h;
6) Buoyancy loss after 24h≤5﹪;
7) Ambient temperature for use:-30℃~+65℃;
8) Validity:3 years


  • C/W: EC-GL Certificate


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