Hyperbaric Lifeboat


  • Hyperbaric lifeboat is suitable for ocean-going freighter. It has the function of rescue and reducing pressure when deep diving personnel coming back to the lifeboat.
  • Totally enclosed FRP lifeboat cum rescue boat, which is built according to latest regulations of SOLAS and rules of international lifesaving appliance (LSA), Revision bill of MSC. 218 (82), MSC.272 (85) and resolutions of MSC. 81 (70), Revision bill of MSC.226 (82), MSC.274 (85).
  • Capacity: 12 – 24 Persons
  • Various types of Classification Society Certificate can be supplied.


hyperbaric lifeboat


Main Dimension
Passenger in lifeboat (P) Hook Distance
Total Weight
10.50×3.35×3.80 12/18 4 9.70 17805/18300
13.0×3.40×3.85 24 4 12.20 23500

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