Watertight Bulkhead Door

  • Application

Suitable for belt conveying self-unloading bulk carriers.

Conveying belt of self-unloading bulk carriers is installed inside of conveying belt tunnels under the cargo hold and pass through all watertight bulkheads.

To ensure navigation safety,such bulkheads must to keep watertight integrity in sea according to Classification Society requirements.So all penetrated bulkheads inside of conveying belt tunnels should be fitted with watertight bulkhead doors.

The purpose of this door is to supply doors & fittings to reach classified watertight integrity for all bulkheads penetrated by conveying tunnel, instead of disassembling latex conveying belt.

watertight bulkhead door

  • Specification
No. Conveying belt width
Opening size of wall
Outline size
1 1400 1800×770 1130x2650x1550
2 1600 2000×770 1130x2850x1550
3 1800 2200×770 1130x3050x1550
4 2000 2400×770 1130x3250x1550
5 2200 2600×770 1130x3450x1550


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