Tug Boat Rubber Fender

Tug boat rubber fender are often used on the bow and stern of tugs as primary pushing fenders. Their circular shape makes them ideal when working with container ships etc. They are fitted to the tug hull with a longitudinal chain running down the fender bore. On large fenders, these chains are supplemented by circumferential restraints – either sleeved chains or webbing straps, which sit in special grooves moulded into the fender body at intervals along its length.

Tug boat rubber fender has no damage to the paint as well as ship hull due to low face pressure and it is adjustable to any variety of shape with the flexibility. It is easy to install the grooved body with simple chain, wire or rope.

installation of tug boat fender           tug boat rubber fender


Size Diameter
Outer diameter
middle part
Outer diameter
end part
HR-T1 220 600 450 12000 conical
HR-T2 220 800 450 12000 conical
HR-T3 102 400 250 12000 conical
HR-T4 300 700 700 12000 straight
HR-T5 300 750 750 12000 straight
HR-T6 300 800 800 12000 straight
HR-T7 400 800 800 12000 straight



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