Port Gangway

It is necessary to replace the accommodation ladder with port gangway for modern large oil tanker dock to ensure the safety of passengers up and down the vessel and accelerate the ship’s loading and uploading.

Although the port gangway has a simple structure, it must have a good technical performance in order to adapt the constant bumpy condition between the vessel and the shore and also the accidental circumstance due to its location. The port gangway should be designed after the detailed analysis on the relative information to determine the suitable working conditions to choose the proper structure design and reliable safety protection measures.

There are many specifications of port gangways made by our company. The driving mechanism is often adopting the machinery and hydraulic system. In order to ensure the working safety of every running device, the various kinds of safety protection devices will be used as required. The explosion-proof electrical equipment will be used according to the properties of working oil of the dock.

Main technical characters:

  • The port gangway made by our company combines with properties of gangways by other manufacturers and also overcomes other shortcomings. It’s easy to operate, flexible, steady, reliable and convenient to maintain.
  • The design of main ladder is classified into two types: fixed length type & telescopic type to reach the requirement of landing of deck for small vessels.
  • Four-bar mechanism is applied on steps to ensure the steps still maintain the horizontal condition if the ladder varying between -45°-85°
  • Single point of join is used between triangle ladder and front ladder to make the caster wheel of spring buffer gear on the bottom of triangle ladder still contact steadily with the vessel deck so to avoid the influence by the bumpy vessel and rough deck. At the same time, rubber or nylon caster wheels are used to insulate the port gangway and stray current of oil tank.
  • The hydraulic system is reasonably structured, good sealing and easy to maintain.
  • The elevating mechanism has good locking property with interlock function.
  • The electricity control system is designed by our company and the main appliances used are from other famous manufacturer home and abroad. They are reliable and have good performances.
  • The remote control makes operation more easily.

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