Marine Wharf Ladders Series (CB3116-82)

  • The marine wharf ladders is designed and made by ISO7061-93 regulation and reach the latest requirement of MSC.1/Cire.1331.
  • The product can be classified into two types according to customer’s requirement:
  1. Fully-fixed type
  2. Detachable type
  • Also the type of step can be designed by Lever-plate type or Arc step.
  • We can supply the following aluminium wharf ladders:
  1. Detachable aluminium wharf ladder
  2. Lever-plate type aluminium wharf ladder
  3. Truss wharf ladder
  4. Arc step wharf ladder
  • Various kinds of Classification Society Certificates can be supplied.

truss wharf ladder                     lever-plate type aluminium wharf ladder


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