A60 Electric Catering Service Window

  • Application

Used as catering service window for all kinds of ships.
At the same time,the window is applied as a window for transferring items in a clean workshop.

  • Characteristics

The window frame connects with the steel bulkheads by welding.Window sash can slide up and down instead off the window frame.The window can be operated easily through the electric power,manual or remote control.

  • Advantages

Fire-resistant of A60 and thermal insulation.The window is equipped with temperature detectors.The window sash can be shut down automatically when the room temperature is higher than the setted temperature.The window is also equipped with manual emergency operation system to make it more safe and reliable.The whole window structure is made of stainless steel with elegent appearance.

A60 electric catering service window

  • Specification
No. Norminal size
Cut out of wall
Window sash
1 630×500 740×610 706×538
2 900×630 1010×740 976×668
3 1100×800 1210×940 1176×838
4 1400×1000 1510×1110 1476×1038
5 1650×800 1760×910 1726×838
6 1800×1100 1910×1210 1876×1138
7 2200×1200 2310×1310 2276×1238


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