A0 Welded Openable Fireproof Rectangular Window

  • Application

Appliable on various types of vessels with high performace requirements of fire-resistant,thermal and sound insulation,such as chemical tankers,liquefied gas carriers,oil tankers,offshore oil drilling platform and etc.

  • Characteristics

The window connects with the steel bulkheads by welding,and it is easy to install and more reliable.The main window frame connects the glass panes with hinges,which can open & close freely.The glass is a kind of compound material with the characters of fire-resistant,sound insulation and thermal insulation.

  • Advantages

Fire-resistant of A0,thermal insulation and high sound insulation.As the window located in the “A” fire division,the glass pane can be opened left or right to ventilate in daily use.The fastening between the glass holder and glass is through screws for easy to be maintained.

A0 welded openable fireproof rectangular window

  • Specification
No. Clear size
Glass retainer
Frame size
Cut out of wall mm
Glass size mm
1 1000×1000 1080×1080 1048×1048 1052×1052 1030×1030
2 1100×1100 1180×1180 1148×1148 1152×1152 1130×1130
3 1200×1200 1280×1280 1248×1248 1252×1252 1230×1230


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