Fireproof Blanket

marine PVC fire blanket

  • Fireproof blankets are mainly processed by special technical with fireproof fiber. It is an ideal and efficient product to keep the person or goods far away from the heat source.
  • Main character: fireproof,high temperature resistance,soft fabric,smooth,compactness,non-irritating to skin,easy to use,reused if undamaged.
  • Method: Put the fireproof blanket on the fire source when it in the beginning of burning process and the fire could be put out within a short time.
  • Package: Red PVC box or in a roll. also be packed according to customer’s requirements.
  • Normal thickness: 0.4mm


  1. 1000x1000mm
  2. 1200x1000mm
  3. 1200x1200mm
  4. 1500x1200mm
  5. 1500x1300mm
  6. 1800x1200mm
  7. 1800x1800mm
  • Color: Red,yellow,blue,white etc and various kinds of colorful blankets
  • Fireproof grade: Grade A,GB8624-2006 and Grade A1,DIN4102 (Germany standard)
  • Standard: EN 1869:1997 and passed European SGS safety fireproof examination


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