Hydraulic Lift Tower


  • ST7-125 hydraulic lift tower is a kind of fire monitor lifting equipment designed especially for fire fighting vessels. Its height is 8.5m, lift stroke 7m and total height 15.5m after lifting. Fi-Fi vessel, when close to large oil tanker, can do foam fire fighting operation or cooling operation, meeting the needs of of extinguishing fire with no-spraying dead angle .

Technical parameter:

  • The tower top is equipped with PLKDC80 fire monitor with flow of 300m3/hr.
  • Sliding up/down speed: 2.5m/sec
  • Completed with self-recovered cable reel for 12m long cable connected to fire monitor junction box.
  • Tower weight:2500kg;hydraulic unit: 300kg.
  • Hydraulic unit model:CBG2050
  • Hydraulic dimension:850x750x500mm
  • Material: body– carbon steel nickel plating; piston cylinder-stainless steel
  • Tower body can be customized :
    Max. flowrate=1200m3/hr

Hydraulic lift tower

Drencher system

  • We can provide combination type of drencher head used in petrochemical terminals and various kinds of drencher nozzle for Fi-Fi vessels.
  • In accordance with the requirements of classification, we will provide water spray calculation and piping design to meet different hull arrangement.

drencher system

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