Marine Hydraulic Butterfly Valve

marine hydraulic butterfly valve

Applicable medium:Fresh water, sea water, air, raw oil and product oil in the temperature under70℃

Nominal Pressure : 1.0Mpa.

Nominal Size: DN200~DN800


  • Standard of flange connection accords to GB2501-89.
  • Standard of structure length accords to GB/T 12221-89

Body Material: Cast Bronze / Steel

Disc Material: Cast Bronze / Stainless Steel

Stem: Cast Bronze / Stainless Steel

Seat and packing: NBR and FPM

  • NBR is suitable for fresh water, sea water, air and oil medium.
  • FPM is suitable for fresh water, sea water, air, corrosive medium and high temperature environment.

Suitable Medium: Fresh water,Sea water,Oil fuel and t≤70℃ steam.

Operator: Worm Gear,Electric Actuator and Pneumatic

Marine Hydraulic Butterfly Valve         Marine Hydraulic Butterfly Valve.



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