Marine Butterfly Valve

1. Name: Marine center butterfly valve, Marine dual eccentricity butterfly valve


butterfly valve indication

3. Operating Type:

Figure-number Operating type Figure-number Operating type
SB Handle manual D Motorised
SG Worm manual Q Air operated
SX Helix manual Y Liquid-operated

4. Material Code:

Part name Material Figure number
Valve body Carbon steel
Globe cast iron
Grey cast iron
Stainless steel
Valve disc Bronze
Stainless steel
Valve seat NBR rubber
Fluoro rubber
Ethylene-propylene rubber
Stainless steel
Valve stem Stainless steel

5. Purchasing information: 

  • Wafer butterfly valve are generally used in pipeline,so there is no mark on the Lable. If flange butterfly valves are chosen, “F”should be added before the code name of relevant driven type to show in order.
  • If the live axle of the valve needs to be lengthen, “C”should be added before the code name of relevant driven type to show in order,and the necessary length should be marked.
  • The petrol or other medium in the temperature of 70℃-170℃,the sealing ring of FPM material should be chosen.
  • Fluorine rubber or Nitrile butadiene rubber is not suitable to the medium of Liquefied petroleum Gas.

6. Adaptive media & Application:

(1) Media application: sea water, fresh water, air, t ≤ 70℃ crude oil, refined oil.

(2) Application scope: Used in ships, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, food profession.

(3) Explanation:

  • For Gasoline or other media under 70 ~ 170 ℃, to choose FPM material quality seals encircles.
  • For NBR rubber & FPM are not suitable for media of liquefied petroleum.

7. Installation Instructions:

  • Keep the butterfly valve and pipeline clean and remove the molten slag and dust before installation.
  • The device for maintenance and operation of butterfly valve shall be remained before installation. The valve should be clamped evenly and thoroughly according the position of symmetry of bolt.
  • The gasket of the same material should be placed between the valve and flange when install.

8. Maintenance:

  • The butterfly valve should not be stacked up to avoid the deformation of rubber ring.
  • The flange shall overlay the protecting cover to avoid any damage and not to be removed before installation of pipeline.
  • Storage temperature shall be not under -10℃ or up 40℃.

butterfly valve



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