Cast Iron Flanged Gate Valve CB/T 465-1995

  • Suitable Medium: Sea water, Fresh Water and Lube Oil
  • Material: HT200 for body, bonnet and disc, Q19-2 for stem.
  • Flange connection standard: Type A accords to GB 569-65, Type AS accords to GB 2501-89

marine cast iron flanged gate valve

cast iron flanged gate valve

Technical Data

Type Flange Connect Standard Norminal Pressure
Norminal Size
A GB 569 0.6 50~150
AS GB 2501 0.4 175~300
AS GB 2501 0.25 350~500


Name Material Marks
Body, Cover Cast Iron HT 200
Disc Cast Iron HT 200
Stem, Disc Nut Aluminum Bronze CuAl9Mn2
Sealing Ring Aluminum Bronze CuAl9Mn2



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